3 Flavour Ice Cream Machine- Summer Cooling Campanion

  • By:Miken
  • Date:2021/09/01

Ice creams machine contain soft ice cream machine and hard ice cream machine. To some extent, Hard ice cream normally have two kind : hard ice cream and Gelato . American call hard ice cream that overrun is less normally 20%-30% and Italian call Gelato that overrun is more normally 30%-40%. But that can use same machine to do it, only you control the machine to work it.


The three-flavour countertable ice cream machine was developed by Miken, The 3 flavours of the machine are: banana, chocolate and peanut butter, or you can put what you like. All these flavours can be combined to make your favourite ice-cream. If you have a cold beverage store, you would be able to sell out at an alarming rate, especially during the summer.


This 3-flavour ice cream machine is easy to use. There is no complicated set up involved. It comes with an instructional manual which gives you detailed information on how to operate the machine. It is pretty much like any other commercial soft serve machine. All you need are mix tanks, containers, bowls, lids, pumps, electric pump and a timer.


A commercial ice cream making machine usually uses the following equipments: mix tanks, containers, bowls, lids, electric pump, timer and hook up wires. Mix tanks are used to ferment the milk that is needed to create the soft frozen yogurt. These containers are used to store the yogurt and keep it cool while it is being made. The bowls are used to feed the ingredients into the mix tanks. The electric pump is used to create the three flavour frozen yogurt. You can create a number of servings with this machine or create one batch of your favourite flavor. The commercial soft serve machine is quite cheap, easy to maintain and quick to produce. It is the ideal machine if you want to add more flavour to your frozen yogurt.


You will definitely enjoy the delicious taste and the unique appearance of your homemade yogurt with the  three-flavour ice cream machine. Your family and friends will surely love the new style and look of your ice cream every time they have their treats. You can also choose from different sizes, designs and styles of machines. For example, you can choose from small, medium and large machines. Based on the requirements of your business or shop, you should choose the appropriate machine accordingly.


If you are looking for a machine that will suit your budget, you should go for the small commercial machines as they are available at a lower price than the big machines. Moreover, our small commercial machines are quite user-friendly and quick to set-up. If you want to have more variety in the three flavours of your ice cream, you should choose a bigger machine. However, the biggest advantage of the commercial machine is that it gives you unlimited options to produce different flavors of yogurt based on your needs and specifications.

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