How Does Fruit Fried Ice Cream Machine Work ?

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  • Date:2022/01/12

1. What is Thai fried ice cream ?

Fried ice cream or ice cream "ice cube tray" is a dessert prepared on a steel plate cooled below freezing. Rolled Ice Cream or Ice Cream Roll is an ice cream dessert made by hand by pouring milk over an ice grill, mixed with fruits or different ingredients on a tray in the fruit fried ice cream machine to make the delicious ice cream.


2. Amount of fried ice cream

In 2009, stir-fried ice cream appeared in Thailand, simply mixing toppings with fruits and different types of candy. There were a few hawkers at that time, and it wasn't popular yet. Around 2011-2012, ice cream became popular in Thailand. In 2012, it started to spread to neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Cambodia. In 2015, it spread around the world through viral videos online.



3. Ice Cream Bread Maker

To make ice cream rolls you need a machine. Miken fried ice cream roll machine is a machine for frying ice cream or yogurt in a pan, under the pan is a cooling motor, and after half a minute the temperature drops to -15 ° C.


4. Operation of fried ice roller machine

 Insert the plug of the fried ice cream into the three hole socket of the special ground wire, check that the voltage is normal, then turn on the "fried ice cream" switch, about 2 minutes, until the pan begins to frost , then pour the fried ice cream drink, after speculation, if it sticks to the pot, pick it up, just hold down (or press the foot switch) the defrost switch "defrost" (release to thaw all About 10 seconds), and continue frying the ice cream. If you need to rerun the fried ice cream within three minutes of stopping, first perform a "defrost" operation for 10 seconds, then turn on the "fried ice cream" switch. If it is within three minutes after operation, you don't need to press the defrost, just press the switch to fry ice cream.


5. How does the fried ice cream machine work ?

Ice Cream Roll Manufacturing Steps:

1. To make fried ice cream, first pour the mixture into a metal saucepan at -18 to -35 degrees Celsius. The potato masher uses two metal spatulas to mix and stir the mixture, allowing it to freeze and solidify.

2. The potato masher will add and grind different toppings like nuts, chocolate chips and fruit to add texture to the ice cream.

3. Stir constantly in the cold plate and a scoop of fried ice cream is ready.

4. The frying process should be quick and instant, it only takes 5-10 seconds to create the texture of ice cream.

5. Ice cream can be stacked and scooped, or flattened and shaved into curls, and served in paper cups in Thailand.




6. Failure may occur during use

(1) The sensor is in open circuit or the measured temperature is below -50 ° C, and -PP is displayed.

(2) The sensor is short-circuited or the measured temperature is above +50 ° C and the display shows FF.

(3) After the fault, the relay is released and the entire display flashes.

(4) Troubleshooting, the display stops flashing and skipping, but the temperature measurement value is still displayed.

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