Opeartion Principles of Ice Cream Roll Machine

  • By:Miken
  • Date:2022/02/15

Miken ice cream maker can be made in several different ways. The cheapest machines on the market use a simple refrigeration circuit. The compressor produces high pressure and high temperature refrigerant vapor. This hot refrigerant vapor passes through the condenser/fan unit, which removes heat from the gas and converts it to hot liquid refrigerant. The liquid refrigerant then passes through capillaries, which reduce the pressure and temperature of the liquid. This low temperature liquid refrigerant then enters the cold plate cooling coils, where the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant flowing through the pipes. This is what cools the surface of the ice mold. As the refrigerant heats up, it reverts to a low temperature, low pressure vapour. This vapor is then drawn into the compressor and compressed again into high-pressure, high-temperature vapor, which restarts the whole cycle.

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By using inexpensive pans of commercial ice cream maker on the market, the temperature can be regulated in these systems simply by turning the compressor on and off. This raises several issues. First of all, it is not good for the compressor to be turned on and off frequently. This will cause your compressor to fail prematurely. Second, this type of conditioning does not equalize the surface temperature of the pan. The middle of the pan may get cold, but the outer edges are unlikely to reach the desired temperature. The longer the compressor runs, the smaller the temperature difference in the pan. However, there is a better way.



Adding a refrigeration solenoid between the compressor outlet and inlet provides another method of temperature control. When this solenoid opens, some of the hot vapor from the compressor bypasses the normal refrigeration circuit and returns directly to the compressor, effectively reducing the refrigeration capacity of the circuit. This allows the surface of the pot to gradually warm up during this time. Although this approach is better than the one mentioned earlier, it still has a problem. When the bypass solenoid valve is open, hot gas can back up through the pan coil. The effect of this is that the ends of the pan are noticeably hotter. 


The defrosting of almost all ice cream roll machines on the market is done by a hot air process. A solenoid is connected between the compressor output and the disc coil input. When this solenoid is turned on, hot air rushes through the coil and heats the pan considerably. When an inexpensive ice cream maker fails, it is almost always due to damage to the solenoid or the relay that controls the solenoid. It is therefore not enough to have these components to improve a machine. These specific components need to be high quality and reliable, otherwise they can actually cause more problems. If you have any questions about how Miken fried milk ice cream machine works, please send us your questions.

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