Tips To Get A Cold Juice Dispenser For Your Restaurant

  • By:Miken
  • Date:2021/11/12

As the name suggests, cold juice dispenser is a machine used to cool juice and syrup in general. Most commonly used at coffee shops and cafes, it enables the consumer to maintain the temperature of their liquid juices within the machine fixed. It's manufactured in many capacities. The most commonly used cold juice maker is the pitcher type which comes with an insulated bottle and a freezer for storing the finished product. This type allows you to put ice cubes or frozen fruit into the dispenser and enjoy the cold temperature.


There are other types such as the refrigerator style cold juice dispenser machine in which the container of ice cubes is placed in the refrigerator and the cold fluid is procured from the refrigerator via an air tight valve. The other type is the cold water dispensers which basically is similar to the first type but this type also freezes the liquid. It's mainly used in hotels and cafes where cold drinks are usually consumed. These types of dispensers come with an insulated bottle which holds the prepared drink. Moreover, some of these dispensers also contains an expansion tank which provides the consumers with a continuous supply of ice cold juice.


The other cold drink machines are the cold beverage dispensers known as the ice cube maker and the cold drink machines that contain the ready-to-consume powdered drink mixes. They are generally made with a plastic shell which is covered with a black lid. These machines are made available in many different capacities. There are those designed to produce a certain volume of drinks per hour, others are capable of producing drinks at a rate of one liter every five minutes and there are also the ones capable of producing only quarter liter of ice cold beverage every hour.


If you have a large workplace or if you're a cafe and need to provide your customers with cold beverage dispensers, then the best option for you is to install the chilled beverage dispensing machines. However, you must know how to install these machines. In this case, you will require the help of a professional. Chilled cold beverage dispensers can be installed on top of a refrigeration system with the help of pipes.


The chilled cold beverage dispensers come with an insulated bottles which hold the prepared drink mix inside them. The chilled cold drink dispensers also have a valve at the bottom of the bottle, which when the cap is removed allows the liquid to flow through into the insulated bottle. Thus, the cold beverage dispensers prevent the warm mix from coming into contact with the heat from the refrigerator. You can easily locate these dispensers in any modern hotel, cafe or restaurant.


These juice cooler dispensers are very easy to operate and maintain. They also consume a very less amount of electricity when compared to a hot beverage machine. Thus, a cold beverage machine is a better option than a hot drink machine when it comes to saving energy and money. Moreover, a cold beverage dispenser also helps in saving a lot of space. Hence, if you're planning to get a cold beverage machine for your restaurant, then you must consider getting the chilled cold drink machine as they will not only save electricity but will also increase your business profits.

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