Business Embraces Rolled Ice Cream Machine This Summer !

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  • Date:2022/04/22


1.1 What Is The Rolling Ice Cream ?

Miken's rolling ice cream is the best ever. Seriously. This is a delicious incredible frozen dessert, composed of cream, milk, sugar and almost all the flavors - be infinite possibilities. After flashing on a special metal pot, the mixture is rolled into a beautiful spiral and stacked vertically in the cup. Additional casting heads are optional, but we think it is strongly recommended. Caramel sauce, broken cookies or fresh fruit, does anyone?


Miken rolled ice cream


1.2 Where Does The Rolled Ice Cream Machine Come From ?

The rolled ice cream is native to Southeast Asia and Thailand has often got the reputation of sensational sweet treatment (that's what we discovered!). It is also very common in other countries, including Malaysia and the Philippines that can be found on a global scale.


1.3 How To Make Ice cream With Rolling Machine ?

Most people know traditional ice cream. These ice creams are made in advance and stored in the refrigerator on the spoon directly turned from the bathtub. Of course, if we are honest, it's delicious - but a little boring. The rollers of ice cream are more exciting than it - they order them without clashes in front of the beautiful eyes.


In order to make rollers of ice cream, use a super cold silk pot - when you say super cold, we mean -30 ° (really, really, very cold). Pour ice cream in these, and any other ingredients you like it can be a breath of strawberry and protein protein, chocolate and cookies. Then cut the mixture into a slice and cut it with a metal cloth to melt the flavor and melt the air and introduce a clearer texture. Finally, the mixture of the package of the flavor was poured into the rectangle and divided into strips.


1.4 Is The Fired Rolling Ice Cream Different From Traditional ?

Yes, we think they are better. The texture of the rolled ice cream is slightly different from the traditional ice. As it is not stirred by the machine, it is hand mixed directly on the frozen pan to introduce less air into a mixture. This can lead to a slightly denser texture and stronger taste. With the thin roller, they are always easy to eat and have an irresistible fusion taste. many wonderful things on ice cream rolls are their versatility - they can use any component you like, and with their new command, you can choose your taste out there, then select your selection on Site of your smell !


 ice cream rolls


1.5 How About Buy A Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine ?

Purchasing a fried ice cream roll machine is a great way to make tasty desserts for any occasion. These ice cream machines are made from stainless steel and have copper cooling pipes to quickly drop the temperature of the fried ice cream. They also come in different flavors and ingredients, such as milk and yogurt. A Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine is an excellent choice for making a variety of ice cream flavors. It is also easy to use and clean, and there are many models on the market.


Miken fried ice cream roll machine has a sturdy construction made of 304-grade food-grade stainless steel and a brushed finish to prevent rusting. It has four material storage boxes and a built-in copper cooling pipe to cool your products. It also features two independent control panels. This makes  ice cream roll machine easy to transport and clean. It is a convenient addition to any kitchen. And best of all, it makes homemade ice cream easy to make in less than five minutes.


1.6  How To Use Miken Ice Cream Roll Machine ?

Our ice cream roll machine can also cope with yogurt, milkshake or fruit juice. The soft fried ice cream is made in a stirred ice pan and is cooled to -30 degrees Celsius. The ice cream comes out smooth and semi-solid after the frying process. The ice cream is then placed in an ice cream cup and is topped with different decorations, including strawberries or whipped cream. It is usually eaten with a spoon. Moreover, this machine will come with durable pans and spatulas. These tools are essential for the successful operation of an ice cream shop. Make sure to purchase high-quality metal scrapers and spatulas for frequent use. If you intend to use the machine often, you may want to invest in a commercial model. This type of machine is perfect for small ice cream shops, food trucks, and catering companies.


There are a variety of different brands of fried ice cream roll machines on the market. Some manufacturers produce rolled ice cream machines while others make fake products. If you're not careful, you could end up purchasing a unit that doesn't work at all. This is common practice with cheaper machines. Be careful and research reviews before making a purchase. In general, Choose Miken's fried ice cream roll machine that will last for more than a decade.

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