Review of Ice Cream Pasteurization Machine

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  • Date:2022/04/25

There is a lot of confusion about what it means to pasteurize milk and why it is done. Here's what you need to know. Simply put, ice cream pasteurization is the process of machine in heating and then cooling milk to remove potentially harmful bacteria without affecting taste or nutritional value. Pasteurization is not bad for you, quite the contrary. The process is designed to make milk safer to drink.


What Is Pasteurization ?

Pasteurization is the process of heating and cooling food to kill bacteria. Pasteurization was invented over 150 years ago by French scientist Louis Pasteur. He discovered that heat treatment (essentially, heat) destroys, inactivates, or eliminates unwanted bacteria and pathogens.


Pasteurization does not add any chemicals or other additives to the milk, nor does it remove nutrients from the milk. It's just a heating and cooling process to kill harmful pathogens. Otherwise it will not change the milk. Eventually, the process caught on in the world and the dairy industry. It has since become the industry standard and regulation to ensure milk is safe to drink.


How It Works?

There are different types of pasteurization, but the most common is high temperature short term (HTST) pasteurization or flash pasteurization. This method extends the shelf life of milk by keeping it fresh for two to three weeks.


HTST requires heating and then rapidly cooling the milk. Chilled raw milk is heated between stainless steel hotplates until the milk reaches 161°F. It stays at this temperature for at least 15 seconds to kill bacteria, then quickly cools to its original temperature (39°F).



The ice cream pasteurizer machine would not have been possible without the discovery of 19th century French chemist and inventor Louis Pasteur. He calculated that by heating wine to 120 degrees of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it would destroy any pathogenic bacteria that could cause illness or disease. While his work first benefited the beleaguered French wine industry, it was the dairy industry that profited from his discoveries, allowing milk to be sold on a larger scale than ever before and kept fresh longer. . Today the process is used in many food and beverage industries, including milk, juice and beer. There are also cold technologies for pasteurization, as well as standard heat treatment processes.


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